Album Review: Like Torches – ‘Shelter’

Album Review: Like Torches – ‘Shelter’

Like Torches
(Rude Records)

Don’t judge a book by its cover. The same applies for record artwork, as Shelter could easily make Like Torches appear post-rock or screamo to someone who’s never heard the band before. But in truth, they play something more akin to punk rock, blending a variety of styles that’ll bring to mind the likes of Blink-182 (“Snowfall Without You”), All Time Low (“Full Hearts”), Mest (“Bit A Bullet”), and others. Hailing from Sweden, Like Torches have something special about them. Instrumentally, the band does have a very strong rock influence about them, but their use of speed and hooks are certainly drawn from the punk scene. Vocally, brothers Jonathan and Daniel Karn trade back and forth between melodic smoothness and harsh passion, creating a perfected blend of up and down each time. This ability is both impressive and exciting, as one song can take you down multiple paths in its runtime. “Skeletons”, “Surrender”, and “Shelter” are some of the best examples of the band’s range, but really, you can hear it throughout the album. Like Torches can cover a surprising amount of ground in ten tracks. To put it simply, this is a band to fucking watch. (Nathaniel Lay)

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