Album Review: Magic Potion – ‘Pink Gum’

Album Review: Magic Potion – ‘Pink Gum’

Magic Potion
Pink Gum

Proving that Sweden is up on their indie-pop, this first album from Magic Potion is a dreamy and hazy punk-ish affair where syrupy guitars and a lazy, nostalgic feel seems both purposeful and strategic. Hooks and melodies are present in spades, and while the subject matter isn’t to be taken too serious (examples of song titles: “Cola Boyys”, “Yummi 1”), there’s no joking that Magic Potion have nailed down a ’50s surf and ’60s pop concoction that’s hard to forget. Recorded onto analogue tape and with an appropriate lean sound, this is sure to satiate anyone’s appetite for lo-fi, bedroom pop. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase Pink Gum here.


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