Deicide on the Cover of New Noise Magazine Issue #6

Deicide on the Cover of New Noise Magazine Issue #6

We’re excited to reveal the Deicide cover of Issue #6 (one of two covers for the issue)! Their new full length, In The Minds of Evil, is out today (November 25th) on Century Media Records. You can pick up a copy here. This is our last issue of 2013, and would like to thank everyone for their continued support; it’s been an awesome year.

Other artists featured in Issue #6 include Polar Bear Club, Backtrack, Kataklysm, Satan, Leaders, Crusades, Pelican, Title Fight, Sepultura, Radioactivity, Pirates Press, Toxic Holocaust, Ringworm, The Saddest Landscape, Worship This!, Enabler, Noctum, Signals Midwest, The Creepshow, Western Addiction, and many more!

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Deicide cover - New Noise Magazine - Issue 6

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