Exclusive Album Stream: Colossus – “Lobotocracy”

Exclusive Album Stream: Colossus – “Lobotocracy”

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive album stream of Colossus‘ Lobotocracy, out February 28th through Klonosphere Records.

Purchase Lobotocracy here: wearecolossus.bigcartel.com

Formed in mid-2007 from the ashes of two underground projects, Shoemaker Levy 9 and Blahkeenk, Colossus is a modern death metal six-piece from Noeux-les-Mines, France who have built over the years a solid reputation as a crushing live act by hitting the stage with bands such as Despised Icon, Carnifex, Annotations of an Autopsy, Belphegor, As They Burn, etc.

2014 marks the release of the band’s debut full-length album “Lobotocracy”, which was recorded and mixed by Olive t’Servranxc (As They Burn) at C&P studios and mastered by Christophe Brandes (Necrophagist) at Studio Iguana. Fans will be deeply impressed with the improvement of their songwriting and execution skills in relation their previous work, the “Fragments” EP released in 2010. The record shows a remarkable cohesion and sees Colossus striking a perfect balance of straightforward brutality and detailed technicality, offering eleven songs full of crushing, groove-filled riffs, powerful, relentless drumming and inhuman guttural vocals.

Line-up: Delphine Lefebvre – Guitar, Maxime Dufeutrelle – Guitar, Gregoire Bayard – Bass, Romain Verheylesonne – Drums, Jordan Verheylesonne – Vocals, Fabien Brimeux – Vocals.

www.facebook.com/WEARECOLOSSUS  |  twitter.com/Colossusgroup  |  www.klonosphere.com

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