Exclusive Premiere: Bad Cop / Bad Cop – “My Life”

Exclusive Premiere: Bad Cop / Bad Cop – “My Life”

We’re excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of Bad Cop Bad Cop‘s new song “My Life. They track is from their Boss Lady release, now available through Fat Wreck Chords here: www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/274

“The part of “My Life” that I wrote was about how I always choose the hardest path possible to get to where I’m going in life. Essentially making fun of myself for not thinking before acting. However, I like myself and I’m not gonna change or apologize for who I am, what I’ve done, or what I may do in the future!” – Stacey Dee

My verse in “My Life” is about pushing as hard as I can and literally exhausting all of my resources trying to make a name for myself as an artist.  Staying up all night for weeks, and turning myself inside out to create the best thing I can in spite of “working too hard,” getting sick, hurt, and sometimes nowhere (yet!) in my efforts.  This is the only life I’ve got, and I’m gonna bust my ass to realize my goals or die trying. Til the wheels fall off!! Or my hand gets shredded in a table saw. (and then: foot paintings) – Jennie Cotterill

Upcoming Shows:
April 12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar w/ The Bombpops, Johnny Madcap, Hands Like Bricks
April 25 – Princeton (Half Moon Bay), CA @ OPL w/ Decent Criminal, Joe Kidd
April 26 – San Francisco, CA @ El Rio w/ Get Dead, Civil War Rust
May 26 – Las Vegas, NV @ Punk Rock Bowling

About Bad Cop / Bad Cop:

With catchy hooks, three part harmonies, and a drummer who fires her ‘guns’ harder than most of her male compatriots, Bad Cop/Bad Cop bring to mind the ‘90s heyday of chicks who actually rocked, from the snarl of The Distillers and synchronized vocals of Dance Hall Crashers to the guitar prowess of The Muffs and wry lyrics of Lunachicks.

All hailing from different parts of the U.S., the foursome met in Los Angeles while playing in bands like Compton SF, The Radio Sweetheart, The D’Maggs, The City, Angry Amputees, and Cunt Sparrer. Eventually realizing that their combined talents and influences would be greater than the sum of their parts, they launched the band in 2011 and quickly became the big sisters of the DIYpunk scene, about which Jennie says “We have been so lucky to participate in such a supportive, inclusive, and active scene [with] great people working together and encouraging each other.”

After playing at the “Lilith Bear” party during San Francisco Bear Pride 2013, they were supported and encouraged by an unlikely audience member: NOFX’s Fat Mike. “After our set, Mike approached and said he liked all the songs and Fat Mike decided then that he was going to do something with our band. I almost crapped myself, and the rest is history,” says Dee.

www.facebook.com/badcopbadcopband  |  twitter.com/bcbcmusic  |  www.fatwreck.com

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