Exclusive Song Stream: Steady Hands – “We Will Rise”

Exclusive Song Stream: Steady Hands – “We Will Rise”

Photo by Ally Newbold

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Steady Hands‘ new album Brandy Of The Damned, out August 19th via Lame-O Records. Vocalist/guitarist Sean Huber gives insight on the song’s origin & purpose:

“We Will Rise” is a song I wrote while on a trip to Ireland in September. The song started with a melody I would hum to myself on my many walks around the city of Dublin, and turned into what I intended as a simple, classic protest song. At the time I was writing a series of songs that were more political than anything I had before. While I wasn’t driving particularly into deep political issues, I wanted to write about the themes that I had dealt with most, specifically treatment and healthcare of the elderly, living and surviving in a working class, and religious pressure and intimidation. The arrangement resulted in a simple acoustic guitar and vocals, to which my pianist Andrew added both organ and acoustic piano. We wanted to make it sound as gospel as possible, which ironically is the first music he and I performed together growing up in catholic school.

Purchase Brandy Of The Damned here: Physical | Digital

What began as the folk troubadour solo project of Sean Huber, the drummer of Modern Baseball, has quickly turned into the 7-piece folk-punk powerhouse Steady Hands. Inspired by Billy Bragg, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Turner, and other classic punk influenced songwriters, Huber began thrashing his way through Philadelphia bars and basements in 2012. Fueled by his endless love of life on the road, Huber took strong advantage of his vacation time, winning over crowds and accruing a name for himself through his live show. With the simplicity and rawness of a sole honest voice and acoustic guitar Huber wears his heart on his sleeve and the gruff in his voice like a trophy.

Over the course of his first two years of existence, Huber has filled out Steady Hands’ sound and lineup with a few of his talented friends. From electro-pop group W.C. Lindsay came William Lindsay on lead guitar, George Legatos on bass, and Richie Straub on drums. Also joining them were fellow Modern Baseball member Jacob Ewald on rhythm guitar and Andrew Kirnan on keys. With his latest EP Brandy Of The Damned, Steady Hands has found the perfect blend of polished rock and soulful punk, creating a string of songs just as pretty as they are gritty.

Tour Dates:
August 07 – Tampa, FL w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 08 – Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 10 – Charleston, SC – King Dusko w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 11 – Raleigh, NC – The Pour House w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 12 – Washington, DC w/ W.C. Lindsay, The Hundred Acre Woods
August 13 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fire w/ W.C. Lindsay, The Hundred Acre Woods
August 14 – Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes w/ W.C. Lindsay, The Hundred Acre Woods
August 15 – Long Island, NY – The Woodshop w/ W.C. Lindsay, The Hundred Acre Woods
August 16 – Yonkers, NY w/ W.C. Lindsay, The Hundred Acre Woods
August 17 – Bloomfield, CT – Nicolas’ Cage w/ W.C. Lindsay, The Hundred Acre Woods, Three Man Cannon, Sorority Noise
August 19 – Manchester, NH w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 20 – Lowell, MA – The Worthern House w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 22 – Pittsburgh, PA – The People’s Warehouse w/ W.C. Lindsay
August 23 – Columbus, OH – Ruma Cafe w/ W.C. Lindsay


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