Exclusive Stream: THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY “Requiem For Us All” [Full Album]

As a stab to the heart of this dying era, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY rise up a brutal requiem for the slumbering masses and scream the ultimate downfall manifesto for humanity. Returning with their sophomore effort Requiem For Us All, the band swore the oath to crush its boundaries delivering their most aggressive, extreme, and ambitious album to date. Requiem For Us All is set for release on March 19th, 2013 via Pavement Music. THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY has pushed their death metal war machine over the limit this time with a fierce mix of blazingly fast drumming, technical riffing, epic atmospheres, and crushing groove.

Purchase Requiem For Us All Here: www.pavementmusic.com/store

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The Modern Age Slavery - Requiem For Us All album artwork

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