Exclusive Stream: Traditions – “Polarity”

Exclusive Stream: Traditions – “Polarity”

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Traditions‘ track “Polarity,” off their upcoming release Cycles, out March 11th on Take This To Heart Records. You can also check out our 5/5 star review for the album here.

Check out our 5 star review of the album here.

The band comments on the track:

“I’ve become about as useful, as a compass with no needle.”

Self-worth, confidence, dependency, isolation, and denial are all common themes in Polarity. For a very long time I had lived my life around everything but me. I started to base all my decision making around the band I was in, and the girl I was with. I was doing it so much that those things became my identity. I let so much of myself get invested into all of it, that I never once thought that change was a possible option. Not having one of the two things never seemed like a plausible scenario in my head; a young and naive mindset to have. My relationship and previous band kind of fell apart at the same time, and I was left not knowing who I was anymore. I felt useless, tired, lost, and just really isolated. Change was an uncharted territory for a guy so used to stability, and my natural instinct was deny that change was happening. Things would go back to the way they were eventually, right? Having that kind of mindset became very tiring, until I finally let everything start to sink in. Instead of trying to have control over every little thing that was changing in myself and my life, I decided to just sit back and let it happen. I think that’s the main “lesson” from this song. No matter what else is going on around you, you have to learn to be okay with yourself and what you are doing. You have to be your own anchor to really find stability in happiness.

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