Exclusive Video: Leave It All Behind: A Musician’s Struggle – Episode 1

Leave it All Behind is a no-budget rock documentary that tells the story of a journeyman guitarist and songwriter who played stadiums, traveled in a tour bus, performed on the late-night TV circuit — then got dropped, went home and started all over again.

riddlin kids - hurry up and wait

The film follows Dustin Stroud, whose band Riddlin Kids sold more than 300,000 records in the early 2000s before being dropped by Columbia. It picks up as Stroud, forever determined, jockeys pizzas around his hometown of Austin, Texas, while plugging away with his new band, Say Hello to the Angels, and embarking on a European amphitheater tour with street-punk favorites Born to Lose.

“Dustin’s story blew my mind. Here’s a guy who saw his band blow up overnight, then got dropped almost as fast, and he just keeps going,” said filmmaker Zack Starikov, who met Stroud in Austin while touring with his own band several years ago. “I want people to know for all the huge bands out there, and all the bands that will never be huge, there’s also this group in the middle — guys who have made it or almost made it, and keep going at it no matter what, because that’s just what they do.”

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Say Hello To The Angels - Stay Awake artwork

Say Hello To The Angels – “Stay Awake” out now via Altercation Records. Get It Here:

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