Exclusive Video Premiere: Purify The Horror – “Pig”

Exclusive Video Premiere: Purify The Horror – “Pig”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Purify The Horror‘s music video for their song  “Pig.” The track is off the band’s untitled debut EP, which is available for free download at http://sociopathicsound.bandcamp.com/


Purify The Horror is a UK grindcore act based in Birmingham, consisting of three individuals prominent within the underground music scene who have decided to remain anonymous and adopt the image of filthy pigs in an effort to effectively incite the grind revolution. The band’s debut (untitled) EP is a 17 minute long celebration of sensory depravity propounded by a vile concoction of filthy riffage, blast-beats and a dual vocal attack which will leave you asking yourself “What the fuck were they thinking”.

Sergeant Squeal: Vocals
Fat-belly Pig: Additional vocals
Bear-Pig: Guitars & Bass
Lord-Pig: Drums & Lyrics

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