Exclusive Video Premiere: Rotting Out – “No Clue”

Exclusive Video Premiere: Rotting Out – “No Clue”

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of Rotting Out‘s new music video for “No Clue” (watch below). The song is off their album The Wrong Way.

Purchase The Wrong Way here:

Vocalist Walter Delgado commented on the song:

“The video is like the song: straight forward and pissed. It’s also kind of a tribute to old Suicidal Tendencies, Rancid and Punk-O-Rama videos, so it’s intentionally a bit corny.”


Rotting Out Tour Dates:
7/13- Destroy LA Fest (The Vex)- Los Angeles, CA
7/27- Nitty Gritty Fest- Rancho Cucamonga
8/1- The CYC- Fresno, CA
8/2- The Refuge- Cupertino, CA
8/3- The Holland- Reno, NV
8/4- The Crux- Boise, ID
8/5- The Salt Haus- Glendale, UT
8/6- Black Sheep- Colorado Springs, CO
8/7- Vaudeville Mews- Des Moines, IA
8/8- Hoosier Dome- Indianapolis, IN
8/9- This Is Hardcore (Electric Factory)- Philadelphia, PA
8/12- Rogers Sports Pub- Chesapeake Bay, VA
8/13- Local 506- Chapel Hill, NC
8/14- Owl Farm- Nashville, TN
8/15- Excalibur- Decatur, AL
8/16- Downtown Music- Little Rock, AR
8/17- Rubber Gloves- Denton, TX
8/18- Pine Box- Midland, TX
8/19- War Room- El Paso, TX
8/21- Tacos Locos- Flagstaff, AZ
8/22- Cobalt Cafe- Canoga Park, CA
10/11- Joiners- Southampton, UK
10/12- Muziek-o-drome- Hasselt, Belgium
10/13- Popcentrale- Dordrecht, Netherlands
10/14- Bei Chez Heinz- Hanover, Germany
10/15- Cassiopeia- Berlin, Germany
10/16- Feierwerk- München, Germany
10/17- Freakout Club- Bologna, Italy
10/18- Juha West- Stuttgart, Germany
10/19- JZ Riot- Lichtenstein, Germany
10/20- Bahnhof Langendreer- Bochum, Germany
10/21- Katakombe- Aschaffenburg, Germany
10/22- TBA – Paris, France
10/23- Rainbow- Birmingham, UK
10/24- Audio- Glasgow, UK
10/25- Star And Garter- Manchester, UK
10/26- Ninjafest- London, UK

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