Frequently Asked Questions

How often does New Noise Magazine come out?

Approximately every 45 days.

Is there more than one cover each issue?

Yes. Every issue generally has two covers – one cover that goes to retail outlets (Barnes & Noble and other booksellers across the United States), and a flexi subscriber cover that goes out to our subscribers who purchase the flexi subscription. Also, we sometimes have a special edition cover based around events/festivals/etc.

Where can I find New Noise Magazine?

All locations can be found here: (subject to change). If you don’t see the issue in a store you visit ask a sales representative about carrying it. You can also always purchase issues in our online store.

How can I subscribe or order back issues?

You can subscribe and purchase back issues here.

I’m interested in becoming a writer for New Noise Magazine. Who do I contact?

Email Lisa Root and Kelley O’ Death in the same email, and be sure to include links to past work. If you’re specifically looking to do music reviews, email Tony Shrum.

I’m interested in becoming a photographer for New Noise Magazine. Who do I contact?

Email Alyson Coletta and Jacki Vitetta in the same email. Show reviews are required to cover shows for New Noise Magazine, whether by you or an accompanied writer – please include past work when emailing.


Check our contact page for the appropriate person to get in touch with if you have more questions.


  1. How can a band get featured in your magazine? I noticed some of the bands had no prior music release before being featured on the website. Can a band pay for a spot or do we just send links to our page/music?

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