We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Green Haven’s new music video for their song “Painted Blue” (watch it below). The music video was filmed by Evan Draper in support of the band’s six song EP recorded by Austin Coupe of Adaliah and Prison.

The band commented on the video:

“The concept and meaning behind the song and video has to do with relationships of all kinds that are made and broken off throughout life. The blue strings in the video represent the physical connections and paths that people have and follow throughout life. The two main characters in the video find themselves lost in the wilderness trying to find one another and when they finally encounter each other, the people of their past relationships do everything in their power to keep them apart.”

Green Haven is an experimental rock band from Tampa, Florida formed by members of Tampa hardcore band Madtown, Tampa metal band Apnea, and additional musicians involved in the local music scene.

The band began to form at the end of 2015, with a mutual goal in mind to write music that blended all of the member’s varying tastes and styles to create something that was naturally different from what was being done in the music scene. As the music came together, the band began to grow into their spectrum of sounds that have a variation of melodious upbeat sections, heavily distorted effects, technical guitar leads, relentless drums and driven bass lines. Broken up by beautiful clean instrumentation that is brought together by dynamic vocal performances.

Once all of their influences and skills came together, Green Haven began to portray the most natural depiction of each individual’s musical talent, life experiences, and mentality. With the themes, meanings, goals, direction, and music of the band becoming fully solidified, Green Haven came to the realization that thay have created something unique and relatable that many people can find peace, serenity, and growth in.

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