We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Hiding Place’s new music video for their new single “Are You Even There?” (watch it below). Sparking glowing comparisons to Thrice, He Is Legend and Underoath, The Hiding Place weave together a crafty tunesmith approach with an earnest and thoughtful delivery; the final product is fully engrossing.

Vocalist, Dominic Webber remarks:

“The song is very personal to me. Without going into too much detail, the song is about something that happened in my life to those close to me and it certainly made me look at things around me differently. When I was first writing the lyrics they were coming from a place of great sadness but as time has progressed they’ve begun to represent hope to me a lot more.

For the video, we worked with Adam Fitch who had previously made us a lyric video for our song ‘Long Winters’. Due to the nature of what the song was about it we didn’t really want a video that told the story or anything like that, instead we asked Adam to come up with a concept inspired by the song. So we filmed myself and our friend Tiffany in this white void always searching, but never finding each other. We also wanted to go against the grain of band music videos and not perform together at all – so we shot all our performances separately to give the feeling of distance.”

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