Album Review: Insane Clown Posse – “Forgotten Freshness Volume 5”

Album Review: Insane Clown Posse – “Forgotten Freshness Volume 5”

Insane Clown Posse
Forgotten Freshness Volume 5
(Psycopathic Records)

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s a new album from the Insane Clown Posse out called Forgotten Freshness Volume 5. Alright, so it’s not necessarily “new” as it’s basically a bunch of hard to find, junked and old shit (and I do mean old shit) that they recently decided to unearth for the fans. I’ve heard all of the work from these two prolific rappers and they’ve gained somewhat of a tainted legacy over the years as some people seemed to have taken their music a bit too far, as we’ve seen on the news as of late. But I’m not focused on all that right now, because the ICP that I know mixes horror movie lyricism with comedy as well as a bit of mystique here and there. Though what can you expect from a bunch of guys who grew up playing D&D and reading about the occult? At any rate, this disc does have some noteworthy material like the main opener “Right Now,” which really takes a cue from the Bizaar/Bizzar and focuses on things that could be happening right now. It’s like that Van Halen song, but a bit dirtier – and hell, that’s probably where they got it from, given the title match. “Duke Of The Wicked” sounds like some old school flashback that was minutes away from deletion, but “Jacob’s Word” is clearly vintage ICP and reminds me of some of their darker, more interesting tracks. “Howard Stern” is a fictional tale about the radio DJ also doubling as an axe murderer. It’s certainly nothing that I would have expected.

Yet what really caught me was “Raise From The Ground,” which is an alternate version of “Everybody Rize!” from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. It’s never been my favorite track, but it was interesting to see this version resurface. Then we have “The Great Show,” which sounds like it might be as old as Ringmaster. There’s a “Rare Milenko Phone Skit” which brings back memories, followed by “The Kreayshawn Song,” which is one of their classic sexual filth tracks. “Goblin” is a song that I kind of scratched my head at, but it’s definitely something different. And yes, it’s about a goblin. As in a D&D goblin. “Fuck My Dad (Richard Bruce)” is definitely something that might appeal to those who have deadbeat dads and it will probably get a little blown out of proportion by some. “Get Geeked” features Twiztid’s final appearance on the Psychopathic label and it’s a bit of a party song that’s not my cup of tea. “Someone’s Gonna Die” sounds like an older track that’s closer to their horrorcore stuff, which is definitely better than what they’re doing now.

Then I just scratched my fucking head as “I’m An Alien” came in. It’s a modern rap “bump” track which I thought the group vowed to stay away from as referenced in their track “Radio Stars.” I really hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come. Next we have the advertisement for “The 1st Gathering” followed by “I Can’t Wait,” which is quite forgettable. “Mancow Made Us” goes back to the group at their prime; it might even have been a cut from The Great Milenko. The memories I get while listening to this one are indescribable. There was a point in my life where I was quite into that whole “juggalo” thing, but I now consider that nothing more than a teenage phase. “Mountain Girl” is a country track that I’m not so sure should have ever seen the light of day, and “It’s Going Down” was better left in the fucking vault. The disc ends with “Party In The Woods,” which is the kind of thing that you might write when you’re really, really, really high. But it’s better than the closer from their last album, “Swallow This Nut,” which is the worst song that I’ve ever heard from these guys. So that’s a step up.

For a group that released almost fifty brand new tracks last year, I’m surprised that they were able to find anything to put on this album. But then again, some of these tracks are so damned old that I’m surprised they weren’t thrown away years ago. This album is definitely the result of cleaning out the vault, and there’s no telling how many more of these “rainy day” tracks that these guys have stuffed in a shoebox somewhere. Rest assured, we’ll find out when Forgotten Freshness Volume 6 releases. (Eric May)

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