Ordinary Neighbors Release New Single “Nate’s Song”

Ordinary Neighbors Release New Single “Nate’s Song”

Words by Waverly Cook

Bay Area punk band Ordinary Neighbors just released their single “Way Out” (listen below) to kick off the New Year. If you haven’t heard it yet, be prepared for their seamless gang vocal chant melodies that peak vocally with screams and raspy attack. These guys understand how to build a song up until you beg for that half time they nail so well. It’s a fully classic tribute to their shifting and always satisfying heavy side.

Even NEWER news for Ordinary Neighbors is their project “Nate’s Song,” which has been in the making already and made available for listening and sharing below! Rhythmically, Nate Punty takes the liberty of drawing out each dynamic rise and fall. Keep an eye out on your social media and Bandcamp subscription for this! It really shows off how effortlessly they seem to take on a morbid message and still convey an upbeat energy to us. It’s everything we know and love from our friendly Ordinary Neighbors plus a heaping dosage of alternative metaphorical flare.

We’ve been waiting in anticipation for this single to drop so prepare your ears for their newest addition to a discography brimming with West Coast infused punk rock.

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