Perturbator Release Uncensored “Sentient” Music Video

Perturbator Release Uncensored “Sentient” Music Video

Photo by David Fitt

Mastermind James “Perturbator” Kent hits us with an exceptional animated video for his second single “Sentient”.  Each scene was designed and animated pixel-by-pixel by director and animator Valenberg, hypnotizing viewers intoPerturbator’s universe – one heavily influenced by the tropes of classic cyberpunk, horror, and science fiction. The sci-fi short film and song combine with sleek emotions and sensations akin to the arthouse thriller Drive, as well as Blade Runner, the films of Dario Argento, and the illustrations of Ariel Zucker-Brull (Perturbator’s visual artist).

The Uncanny Valley Track Listing:
1 – Neo Tokyo
2 – Weapons for Children
3 – Death Squad
4 – Femme Fatale (feat. Highway Superstar)
5 – Venger (feat. Greta Link)
6 – Disco Inferno
7 – She Moves Like a Knife
8 – Sentient (feat. Hayley Stewart)
9 – Diabolus Ex Machina
10 – Assault
11 – The Cult of 2112
12 – Souls at Zero (feat. Astronoid)
13 – The Uncanny Valley

Pre-order available here.

Upcoming Shows:
March 30 – Cologne, DE – MTC *
March 31 – Strasbourg, FR – La Laiterie *
April 1 – Clermont Ferrand, FR – Poco Loco *
April 2 – Angouleme, FR – La Nef

* w/ Gost and Dan Terminus

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