Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

A few months ago, Rockstar Energy announced a tour unlike any other. I remember seeing the tour poster on Facebook and reading, “Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin (with Anthony Green) and The Early November.” Instantly all I could say was “Holy Shit! That’s a great fucking tour!” These are bands that filled my mixtapes back in high school and college, these are songs that I listened to when I got ditched at senior prom, this is the ultimate throwback show!


Taste of Chaos later announced a festival that made me say “Holy Fuck!” a thousand times. A lineup that made me feel so many feels. Along with the TOC tour lineup, they added Cory Wells, Reggie and The Full Effect, Hot Rod Circuit, The Anniversary, Senses Fail, The Starting Line, Quicksand and The Get Up Kids. The fucking Get Up Kids! If you know me personally, you would know how much I love TGUK. But enough bout me.

I will not go into detail on the festival because I would probably just use the words “feels,” “bruh,” “emo,” “sick band merch,” “babysitters,” and “Bud Light” excessively and you’d probably hate me for that.

All I can say is that was the best DRIVE THRU / VAGRANT RECORDS STAGE in history.

Check out the photos from the weekend. (Unfortunately, I missed Cory Wells and Reggie.. so no photos of them #sadface)


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