Electric Century
For The Night To Control
(Panic State Records)

Mikey Way and David Debiak of Electric Century have created something that is truly memorable with their release For The Night To Control.

The record is in its second incarnation, having been released, apparently minus two of the tracks on the present version, exclusively in Kerrang Magazine in 2016. It was never put on streaming services, only available as a physical CD from Kerrang.

On For The Night To Control, Way and Debiak build on the European pop backbone of Way’s old band, My Chemical Romance, while simultaneously making their sound entirely their own.

The record alternates between driving electronic beats that could give you chills due to how thick and layered they sound and simple guitar lines with lyrics that could easily evoke strong emotional responses. At times, the record’s driving beats sound like they’re being produced by a musical ensemble as large as an orchestra; For The Night To Control feels like it would create a stunning stage presence were it played live.

The various electronic sounds on the album are blended together remarkably well; it’s not a jumpy or fast paced or otherwise frenetic release. For The Night To Control could easily serve as pleasant background music or as something to turn on when you want something to really get into; it goes both ways. It’s a versatile album that is likely to appeal to wide swaths of music listeners.

Lyrically, the album feels like the speaker is talking to a love interest from a place of simultaneous dedication and incapacitation, and this mirrors the fact that throughout the early stages of Electric Century, Way suffered from drug addiction.

The last song is definitely one of the most memorable, with Debiak abruptly turning towards singing as if he finally had reached a point of being able to let go of the love interest he had been pursuing throughout the story told in the album.

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