The Gospel Youth
Always Lose
(Rise Records / Velocity Records)

The Gospel Youth embody emotion and drive, and on the evidence of their new record Always Lose, they’ve stuck by that ethos. Lead singer Samuel Little bellows out about battles and tribulations, about playing with fire. He’s truly on guard, with his mind beating like a strong heart, with the lyrics flowing and flourishing and creatively fixed together, melded to force a point. Little manages to create an atmosphere with his voice pulling like a colossal force. He tries to suffocate his past, but it’s far too potent and haunting, sending him into a fit of rage at times. His beliefs are rooted, his emotions carry a weight, but he does enough to keep back the tears.

The band are exceptionally talented. From the guitar structure to the melody, it all comes together in unison, creating a beat and harmony. Every song is like a chapter in a thrilling novel. They could be read out like eulogies, like poems written with blood and intention. The empty feeling in a scarred abdomen is evident. That feeling of cascading forward into a stack of beer bottles and getting covered in its staleness is there. And the music is this bands savior, its engine, it keeps the lights on and the battle from getting out of hand.

When listening on, you will escape into a world of poignancy and emotional twists. Your heart will take a weight, your optimism may crack, but the thrill will set you apart. Yes, it may be a depressing, dark, venture into territory marked by bloodied hands and shards of misery. This music is a crystal clear inspection of youth and its expectation. The band play out, their hearts of solace beating to the bang of truth, to the smash of glasses in the background, to an awkward party atmosphere. And Little battles demons at all times, forwarding his creativity and coping strategies for all to seek and to learn from.

Before the band started to work on their full length, they released a song called Hurricane. It is to this day and emotional carriage to oblivion. It conveyed Little’s subside into depression and his crash into suicidal tendencies. He is now more than barely alive, a man trying to step away and look at the hole he would leave behind. For one, he’s truly a lyrical talent, creating words which motivate and inspire. It’s great he has chosen life. The music industry and the world would miss his voice and words. The band have garnered a great fan base, and they wholeheartedly support the front-man. From showcasing their love at shows and by letting him know there’s hope.

Always Lose is a statement and it doesn’t adhere to any rules. ‘’I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies’’ starts proceedings. It’s a remarkable showstopper, showcasing majestic wordplay and great guitar work. Little lifts his voice, bellowing out for solace, it’s a somber song fit for any rock record. ‘’Tired Eyes And Heavy Hearts’’ yet again taps at the heart, delivering driven guitar lines, and poetry. The song describes a fall from grace. ‘’Revolutions’’ is a ballad. Little’s voice is supreme here and the pressing of a grandiose piano adds a great melody.

Always Lose is The Gospel Youth’s statement of emotion and overcoming obstacles. They’ve truly delivered a record which matters and inspires.

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