Show Review: Tiny Moving Parts, Prawn, Free Throw & Andy’s Room at Chain Reaction in Anaheim

Show Review: Tiny Moving Parts, Prawn, Free Throw & Andy’s Room at Chain Reaction in Anaheim

Words and Photos by Joe Calixto

As I pulled up to the venue’s parking lot, I realized a few things: 1.) “Damn! You just drove 7 hours from the Bay Area just to shoot a show on a Sunday in Anaheim.” 2.) “Holy shit! I haven’t been to Chain Reaction in over 2 years” 3.) “Why the fuck am I shooting a show with crutches?” and 4.) “I am back in Southern California!” I had 90% of my belongings in the van coming to this show. Yes, it was the day I moved back to Los Angeles. #personal

Enough of that sappy “It’s good to be home” bullshit. So I got to the show kinda late. I missed majority of the first band’s set. Thinking that Free Throw was gonna play next, I stepped (limped) up by the stage to get a good spot to shoot, then I slowly realized It wasn’t Free Throw that was playing next. Then I remembered what a good friend of mine told me earlier in the day. “Dude! Check out this band Andy’s Room” and surely it was the band playing next. With a good blend of twinkle and pop punk, the Fullerton band put out a sound that could be easily explained as (in my opinion), if Title Fight and Knuckle Puck played twinkly guitar parts. Definitely a good band to check out.

Next up was a band I’ve been wanting to see for a very, very, very, very long time. Free Throw gave the crowd some good laughs with meme jokes and a good dose of feels and songs about Pokemon. They played a couple of new songs that got me all excited for the new record they’re putting out.

After a quick switch Prawn came on stage. Another band I’ve yet to catch (no pun intended). I’ve been obsessed with the record they put out in 2014 called Kingfisher and seeing them play some of these songs live was definitely an extra treat.

Finally, the dudes in Tiny Moving Parts. It’s so crazy to me how I first met these guys at a taco shop in Las Vegas and only after a few years have done countless tours with big names in the scene. Definitely one of the most entertaining bands around, TMP played a few songs from the newly released record Celebrate. 2016 is and will be a great year for them bois from Minnesota. Always good seeing you guys!

Oh shit waddup! More photos down there!

Tiny Moving Parts


Free Throw

Andy’s Room



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