Photos by Ana Becerra

Lights lowered, crowds cheering and snippets from almost every song about the USA played through an old antique radio searching for stations. Young the Giant came out to start off with “Amerika,” and it was easily the best show I’ve ever attended. The amount of energy that was floating on and off the stage was nothing less than incredible.

YTG played an 18-song set-list and covered a lot from every album, especially Home of the Strange, and had amazing visuals playing in the back that synced up to their performance. For two songs – “Art Exhibit” and “Firelig” – they performed an acoustic session like their online series “In the Open.” The mood became very intimate, and there were people with tears in their eyes around me. The show picked back up with the groovy sounds of “Nothing’s Over.” There wasn’t a soul in the venue that wasn’t dancing from then until the very end of the show.

Young the Giant has stepped up their visuals from their shows but has kept their memorable performance and great talent on stage. If the “Home of the Strange Tour” is coming to a town near you, clear your schedule because it’s a show you do NOT want to miss.

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