We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Stay Wild’s new music video for their song “The Killjoy Luck Club” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest EP livelearnlove, which was released through Panic State Records. You can purchase it here.

Nick Riggs of Stay Wild comments on the song:

“The Killjoy Luck Club is about those times where you feel overwhelmed with hopelessness, negativity and cynicism. Sometimes it can destroy every ounce of motivation in your head and render you feeling useless, making you wonder why you bother occupying your time and mind with what you feel to be important. It’s imperative to push yourself to not let that destructive apathy take control of your life. It’s extremely difficult more often than not, but we have to harness those negative aspects surrounding us and let it be a reminder that our biggest achievements will never come easy. You have to make a substantial effort in order to be the best version of yourself, in spite of your obstacles.”

Intersectional feminists, vocal supporters of the LGBTQ community, and complete goofs who laugh at their own jokes. That is Stay Wild in a boisterous nutshell. With an exuberant live performance paired with a wide range of song subjects (i.e. rape culture, consumerism, white privilege, depression, etc.), Nick, David, and Jehiah have carved their own unique form of energetic, veracious, socio-political music into the realm of hardcore and punk rock.

Tour Dates:
8/24 Prescott, AZ (Thu) @ Hard Luck Tattoo
8/25 Albuquerque, NM (Fri) @ The Fly Honey Warehouse
8/26 Fort Stockton, TX (Sat) @ The Garage
8/27 Austin, TX (Sun) @ The Clubhouse
8/29 Lafayette, LA (Tue) @ The Freetown Boom Boom Room
8/30 Boaz, AL (Wed) @ Maggie’s
8/31 Atlanta, GA (Thu) @ The Mammal Gallery
9/1 Charlotte, NC (Fri) @ The Milestone
9/2 Baltimore, MD (Sat) @ D.I.Y. Fest
9/3 Washington DC (Sun) @ Slash Run
9/4 Asbury Park, NJ (Mon) @ The Wonder Bar
9/5 New York, NY (Tue) @ TBA
9/6 Boston, MA (Wed) @ The Midway Cafe
9/8 Binghamton, NY (Fri) @ The Genome Project
9/9 Canton, OH (Sat) @ Buzzbin Shop
9/10 St. Louis, MO (Sun) @ The Sinkhole
9/11 Omaha, NE (Mon) @ The Milk Run
9/12 Denver, CO (Tue) @ 7th Circle Music Collective
9/13 Salt Lake City, UT (Wed) @ The Beehive Social Club
9/14 Las Vegas, NV (Thur) @ House Of Boof
9/15 Victorville, CA (Fri) @ Frogee’s
9/16 Chino, CA (Sat) @ Hopefest

Connect with the band:
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