Stream: Černá – “Restoring Life”

Stream: Černá – “Restoring Life”

Černá is the brainchild of Cody McCoy, who started the project for therapeutic reasons, and developed it into a something much bigger.  The idea of Černá occurred to him in his hundred year old home in Kalamazoo, MI where he would get creative in the basement at 4am writing songs.  As Cody prepares for the release of his debut full-length album Restoring Life, which drops on May 28th via Domestic Genocide Records, he is also working on pre-production for his Sophomore album after a cold and creatively dry winter, which was triumphantly followed by a deep writing coma which he partially credits to the lovely change in Michigan weather.  Until about four months ago, Černá was just Cody in a basement, but as of late, the project is in the process of being turned into a live experience, with a few new musicians added.  They hope to go live in early July.  If you enjoy bands like This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky, Alcest, Isis, and Junius, you will most certainly enjoy Černá.

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