We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Takeheart’s new song “Divergence” (listen below). The song is the title track from the band’s forthcoming EP, which is scheduled to be released through Eulogy Recordings on September 29th.

Divergence, as an album, is about stepping away from the path in life that you have grown accustomed to. Breaking out of your comfort zone. Taking a deep look at your life and kicking out the things that bring you down. Hate, lust, insecurities, past relationships, all the people that have hurt you. Looking beyond all of the stumbling blocks. Finding the love in the rubble of your pain, starting new, and having fun with what you have been given.

“The song ‘Divergence’ is essentially a ‘break up’ song. Breaking up with your past and the ideas you followed that turned out to be lies. Using the pain to fuel a new future, still knowing that at any moment they could come back into your life and drag you down again. Kind of like that Ex you know you shouldn’t text back a 2am.”

North Carolina based band Takeheart was founded and is constantly growing, from a shared passion for hardcore music, Takeheart takes an unapologetic approach to the music they write, play and live. It seems to be a simple philosophy: Play Shows, Love People, Love Jesus & Party.


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