Top 10 Metal Scenes In America

Top 10 Metal Scenes In America

Honorable Mentions

Brooklyn, NY

The town that spawned the term “hipster black metal” and perhaps the only place in a world you can find someone wearing tight, brightly colored jeans, Kanye West glasses and a Darkthrone shirt.

Austin, TX

During South by Southwest, Austin is one of the most metal places in the country, with hundreds of shows of all genre’s going on all week. This is also the town old school rock/metal bands like The Sword, Gypsyhawk and Scorpion Child call home.

Seattle, WA

Naturally, one of the rainiest towns in the world would be a haven for doom and black metal bands. Cool shows constantly come through Seattle and with bands like Bell Witch and Samothrace listed as a couple of its local bands, I can certainly see why.

Philadelphia, PA

Philly is home to quite a few good bands and it’s a town that features quite a few big name metal shows each week. More importantly than the shows that come to town, is the fact that Philly is the home office Decibel Magazine, one of the greatest heavy metal publications in North America.

Los Angeles, CA

Let’s face it, any band who’s even a little important has played in Los Angeles. LA is also the town that produced Megadeth, Slayer and numerous great bands over the years. The only downside? It also started the glam metal scene and more importantly, like any big city, it’s got a ton of venues and thousands of bands, thus making it almost impossible to get people’s attention long enough to get them to come to a show most of the time.

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