No More Ducks In My Pants: despite the name, the song is about a guy that was crazy in love with a girl. Unfortunately, things never worked out and he resents her to this day. There is also no relation to “pants” or “ducks” in this song.

Mantuckit: short and sweet. A kid realized what life actually is after being sheltered by his parents from the real world. Mantuckit is a work we made up due to a misunderstanding of the actual word, Nantucket.

Dad Pants: Fun, fast, and in your face. This song is about a relationship hitting the fan while one person tries to salvage what they can but then eventually finds out the significant other was cheating on them with their best friend. Dad pants are very loose jeans that your dad wears with sandals.

Nicki Minaj Sucks: With no correlation to Nicki Minaj, the song is about a couple with relationship issues and trying to patch this up. In the end they realize they’re wasting each other’s time.

Changes: Like most people, the song is about someone just trying to find their way in life and realizes things are never what you expect them to be in the end.

Tiptoe: This song is about being in a relationship and taking it to the next level. The dude is also trying to sneakily go around and stay in the girl’s house before and after they take it to the next level.

Support Beams: This song is about someone in a relationship and has been in it for a while, to the point that they’re jaded by everything and everyone. Then this follows they start realizing what and who they’ve actually become.

Shattered: The song starts out morbid, but then it turns and really it’s about losing the things you love and that you can’t run away from everything because it’ll always catch back up. Eventually you need to get over it and be okay with it.

Mind Games: This songs about a relationship that is one sided. One person is annoyed and the other one is poking and prodding them which eventually leads them to break up.

Waiting: The song is about a relationship where the one person is always waiting for their significant other, whereas the one who is out just wants to cut ties and be done with the relationship.

Empty: Empty is about a kid who is struggling with his parents’ divorce. Though his house may have people coming and going, he feels isolated and alone because he blames himself for it. The song is the inner workings of his mind as he deals with the depression from the stress.

Crossroads: Lost in translation, the song is about self-discovery and trying to understand life. Through many attempts of trial and error you should never give up on your dreams. The title comes from the idea of being in a mental crossroads between achieving your dreams or doing what you know you should do.

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