Video Premiere: Beyond All Recognition – “Martyrs” (Napalm Records)

Video Premiere: Beyond All Recognition – “Martyrs” (Napalm Records)

The Dubcore pioneers Beyond All Recognition from Västerås, Sweden present here an absolute treat to all fans of Dub- & Metalcore and Dubstep in general. “Martyrs” is an exclusive non-album track, previously unreleased, recorded for a digital release and combines vile Metalcore riffs, demolishing grooves and vocals ranging from extreme growls and melodic parts.”Martyrs” comes in 5 different versions and as a bonus with a remix of the Hit Single “True Story.”

You can purchase “Martyrs” on May 21st via ITunes.

1. Martyrs
2. Martyrs – Instrumental
3. Martyrs – Bass play-along
4. Martyrs Drum play-along
5. Martyrs Guitar play -along
6. True Story – Bulldog Remix (Bonus Track)

Great video! Who came up with the concept?

David Söhr, our singer who wrote the lyrics came up with the concept together with his brother Niclas and his company GG Media who produced the video. The lyrics are basically about never giving up. Why should you dream without actually experiencing your dreams? If you really want something, you will succeed. All of us are dreaming about stuff we want to do but too many of us choose to take safety (money, our jobs, etc.) instead of actually living the dream and living on the edge for a bit! So the girl in the video is more like a symbol for struggling against oneself on our way to happiness!

Who’s the actress? Where’d you find her?

Her name is Nathalie U Bloom, a talented actress from Stockholm. A friend of ours knew her from awhile back and there was no question about it. She was perfect for the job!

You’re touring Europe in a little while. Do you plan on playing this song while over there?

Yes, we’ll play the song during the whole tour! Cardiff will be the first ones to hear it live!

Can we expect more of this energy on your next album?

Absolutely! We’re really proud with this song cause it comes straight from the heart and it’s basically how we want to live and are living! We’re really happy for the sound and yes, the next album will probably sound more like “Martyrs!”

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Get your copy of their debut album Drop=Dead here:

Beyond all Recognition - Drop Dead artwork

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