Hangout Fest 2018 is  one of the greatest festival lineups of 2018. There is a wide variety of music that will be being played in Gulf Shores, Alabama and New Noise Magazine plans to be there covering it. There is a good four months before the May 18th-20th festival, and we thought we would share the artists that need to be seen while there. Please note, the headliners are fantastic, but Hangout Fest sports an incredible roster all around, and we hope to bring to light some of the other acts that are a MUST see.

Tickets are on sale now!

Manchester Orchestra

Having seen the band myself on tour of their recent phenomenal record, A Black Mile To The Surface, nothing is stopping the gigantic surge this band continues to make on the music industry. Manchester Orchestra are probably one of the more defining rock bands of this generation. I mean, look at that crowd and that performance above. Spanning five incredible albums, this is a must see always but definitely a must see at the Saturday date of Hangout Fest.


Look, Ctrl is a fantastic release, and this is a debut record. Not many singers can rise to a critically acclaimed record immediately on impact, but for all purposes, SZA gives it all on her debut. The record is focused on the modern romances of today’s age, and digs through all the complexities and laughable actions that accompany it, while also providing a lyrically intelligent record.

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot has a kind of sardonic appeal to them. The music is extremely self aware, and can poke fun at the current state of politics and livelihood with synthesizers ringing an atmospheric cry. From the song “Police State” where the singer cries out “I’m so happy I could die” to the mockery of the slogan “Make America Great Again,” there’s an energy in the music that would only be better in a live state.

Portugal. The Man

With Portugal. The Man, there’s nothing but an upslope for the Portland, Oregon by way of Alaska based act. Their music videos themselves represent a crazy creative style of art that goes beyond the music, but focuses on identifying the image and personification of the sound itself. Woodstock is their latest release, but I’ll be damned if I don’t freak out a bit hearing “Modern Jesus” or “So American” as well.

The Killers

I mean, it’s The Killers. This band has influenced plenty of people with heart throb singles that cut through the skin and make the heart feel so much. Everyone might be able to say where they were when “Mr. Brightside” took over their life. Their songs become more iconic as they age, and that’s exactly what will happen with their latest smash hit record, Wonderful Wonderful. Also, in Chicago they stopped a fight happening front row and waited till the members were separated before continuing. That’s admirable.

Son Little 

Son Little’s soulful embrace of music physically breathes in the singer, I swear. The music feels inherent to the artist, and that allows the songs to capture a portion of the room whenever they are played live. The hooks are soaring, the guitars smooth and the feel incredibly relaxing when Son Little takes over. A songwriter that’s about capturing the innate energy within himself, Son Little might be a smaller artist, but definitely one that will make the Saturday of Hangout Fest that much more memorable. New Magic rules.

St. Vincent

I was introduced to St. Vincent by a dear friend of mine, and ever since I cannot get the symphonic melodies out of my Spotify mixes (please never leave). The recent release sparked a lot of attention for the bold melodies and emotionally deep lyrics (not to mention the album cover) and it serves the singer right. The melodies bounce with grace and the syncopation in the progressions are damned right infectious.

Kendrick Lamar

Well, we have to talk about Kendrick Lamar of course. Headlining the Sunday date is the prolific rapper who is at the top of the rap game. D.AMN. (and every record for that matter) is a flawless masterpiece that opens up an entire narrative of conversations that allow listeners to find much more meaning the digger one digs. Hell, the record was re-released as a collector’s edition with the track listing backwards and it tells an entirely new story. There’s not many rappers that have the talent and skill to do that, and Lamar has been doing it for half of a decade. The rapper also just released a song with SZA and that has to be a collaboration that will happen at Hangout. It just has to (they both play on Sunday).

Greta Van Fleet

In need for some classic tinged rock n’ roll? Look no further than Greta Van Fleet. The band has that vintage sound that was present in the early days of the genre (I’m talking the 60’s and 70’s). The guitars pack a wonderful punch, full of hooks that are larger than life. This band feels like the modern day incarnation of how Zeppelin sounded back in the day. They are a Friday must see for their energetic and perfect sound. Their recent record From The Fires needs to be heard by everyone before attending.

Alex Lahey

Almost lo-fi sounding, Alex Lahey’s simple songs are empowering from the lyrical content. The grasp of the singer’s own emotions are comforting because it is extremely familiar. I Love You Like A Brother is a triumphant cry from Lahey, and the record never slows down with bringing bright spots to people’s days, like on opener “Every Day’s The Weekend.” It’s hard not to smile listening to Alex Lahey, even when the content is surreal on “I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself.” These are songs for generations to come and don’t miss Lahey’s performance on Sunday.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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