2018 has been a great year for doom metal.

There have been excellent discoveries such as Light Will Consume Us All by Sacramento doom quintet CHRCH—released in May via Neurot Recordings—and further confirmations like the Italians in Messa, who reaffirmed their innovative approach to this genre with Feast for Water, released in April through Aural Music.

Above photo by Orion Landau

Oakland, California’s Abstracter came back in June with their mix of doom, death, and crust poured into the excellent Cinereous Incarnate for Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

Also noteworthy is Ilsa’s Corpse Fortress, from Relapse Records in March, an exemplary work from the Washington D.C. sludge-doom band.

It’s impossible not to mention one of the best albums of 2018 and its own devastating power, Magus by Louisiana’s Thou, which dropped in August through Sacred Bones.

Profound Lore released Hypnagogia by Evoken in November, and it’s an album that reinforces the New Jersey band’s position within the death and doom metal hierarchy.

A great return also for two Relapse Records heavy-hitters: Eugene, Oregon’s Yob with the titanic Our Raw Heart in June, and Richmond, Virginia’s Windhand with their beautiful Eternal Return in October.

Gilead Media offered up This Unabating Wakefulness by Portland, Oregon’s Mizmor in May: one song encompassing 15 minutes of blackened doom of a particularly high quality.

Finally, the doom album scepter of the year goes to The Sciences by Bay Area legends Sleep, which came to us in April via Third Man Records.

By Marika Zorzi


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