Words by Joe Calixto

So, if you haven’t heard about High & Low Festival yet, you’re probably A.) not from California, B.) don’t have internet or C.) living under a rock. Anyway, how can you not hype yourself with that incredible lineup?

In less than a month, High & Low Festival will be opening its gates to anxious festival goers over at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Looking at the lineup, there are a few amazing artist you definitely need to check out but here are 10 acts that, in my opinion, that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Brand New –  Of course you wanna catch that Brand New set. After announcing a possible disbandment last year (2000-2018). This is probably one of your last chances to see Brand New. If they’re really serious about staying 18 forever, then you shouldn’t miss this chance.

2. Death Cab For Cutie – I swear to God I am not just following the damn poster. I’m a huge Death Cab fan and seeing that they’re gonna be at a festival, you know they’re gonna play the hits. Also I will ugly cry during their set fersure.

3. The Hard Times – If you aren’t familiar with the satirical punk news site thehardtimes.net, it’s either you’re 45+ or haven’t gone on Facebook ever. But definitely a must see. I’ve noticed the slow decline of comedy stages at festivals and knowing The Hard Times folks, this is gonna be a bang! (FFO: REALLY FUNNY SHIT THAT IS HIGHKEY ACTUALLY REAL LIFE)

4. PUP – These Canadians are definitely a band you love to… love. You’ve probably seen them in a small venue or during Warped Tour a few years back, but after the success of their second album The Dream is Over there is no doubt that this band is only gonna keep going up. Also, did I mention their live show is incredible? Yeah, their live show is incredible. We might even see Mike Wheeler jam out! (And yes, I know that’s not his real name.)

5. Now, Now – After taking a breather from music. Now, Now is back with a vengeance. I’ve recently seen them on the short US tour they did and this is a band you definitely need to see. Now, Now’s new material is something I’m personally looking forward to and you should as well.

6. Best Coast – Yo! It’s BEST fucking COAST! Need I say more?!

7. Citizen – Since the release of their first album Youth in 2013, these Midwestern boys have never stopped taking it to the next level. They just finished a tour with Circa Survive and AFI and they have a European tour leading to the release of their new record. These guys are definitely not new to the festival scene.

8. Kevin Devine – I once went to a KD show and the best thing I overheard was “I wish Kevin was my uncle.” If that doesn’t say much then I don’t know what will. But seriously Kevin Devine has been dropping major feels since 2002. He knows what he’s doing.

9. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – I grew up listening to Drive Thru Records bands and SoCo was one of my favorites. I know Something Corporate is a thing of the past now but Andrew McMahon has only pushed his sound further into the realm of rock classics. I’ve seen SoCo, I’ve seen Jack’s Mannequin, and I’ve seen AMITW, and none of those shows were boring. You know he always brings it.

10. Bad Suns – The local boys are definitely gonna representing Southern California at this festival. Bad Suns have played festivals like Coachella and have toured with The 1975. So big production is just another walk in the park for these guys. I’ve personally haven’t seen them so I am very very excited to see them live.

Theres a lot more bands in the bill to check out and if you don’t wanna trust me on these then feel free to check out the bands you would like to see [haha, jk]. If you do take these to consideration then I shall see you there! Let’s high five and hug and drink Bud Light and be total K-rockers!

Again, High & Low Festival will be at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino,CA. Click here for all the info about the festival.

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