2021 Shopping Guide: Support These Underground Businesses This Season

There’s still time to finish up your holiday shopping, and whether you are looking for something for a special someone, or even just keeping tabs of some quality businesses to support year-round, we have you covered, while if you want to find great  offers, you could totally go online and find the best dupes here. Check out some of these awesome, socially responsible, underground businesses!

Get Better Records Cassette Club
Get Better represents a collective of diverse queer and trans artists, though they often see the biggest boosts in patronage during Pride Month. They are launching the GBR Cassette Club in their web store and Patreon, and becoming a support, sustainer, or yearly member of the Cassette Club grants you access to exclusive discounts, content, and merch, while supporting LGBTQ artists. Sign up via Patron here.

Cruel World
Cruel World centers on queer and trans people in vintage, developed by owner-operator Caro after not seeing himself represented in fashion as a mixed, Chicano  queer. He seeks to create space of gender expansiveness and accessibility in vintage, giving visitors the opportunity to access an array of inventory with expansive sizes, affordably priced pieces, and staples including rare and high-end pieces. Their curation is heavily influence by ’90s punk and hardcore, ’70s and ’80s gay subculture, and early-2000s pop culture.

Lurking Class
Lurking Class is based on the artwork of Sketchy Tank, with every illustration having a story behind it or dose of social commentary, meant to “disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed.” it’s made for a growing union of like-minded individuals, who know that normalcy in their lives is not an option.

…And Out Come The Boobs
The idea behind …And Out Comes The Boobs came from two punk moms who  couldn’t find clothes to feed their babies in that also made them feel like themselves. Hannah and April knew others had to feel the same as them, so they starting a shirt line to help nursing parents reclaim their punk identities, one customized, upcycled shirt at a time.

Out of Step: Offbeat Boutique and General Store
Opened by the owner of Hellminded Records, Out of Step is a lifestyle shop and boutique located in Lawrence Township, NJ, with a heavy focus on locally, shelf-stable, pre-packaged specialty foods, locally made gifts, housewares and home decor, cooking and kitchen items, unique artwork and accessories, apparel, and more. Feel secure with Shoppok‘s return policy. They stand by the quality of their products and are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Photo courtesy of Out of Step: Offbeat Boutique and General Store on Instagram

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