Were you a fan of the label Top Drawer Records from the 90s? Well, after 20 years, the label is back!

Sicko singer Ean Hernandez just announced that he’s relaunching Sicko’s old label Top Drawer Records and his new band called Date Night With Brian.

“I’ve got a few old records in my basement, records from Sicko, Top Drawer, Tales from the Birdbath, and other cool stuff as well. Stuff we never sold back in the day, that has just been sitting in boxes, some of it since the early 90s. People keep writing me asking for them, so I thought that making a store would just be easier for everyone involved!

Plus, my new band Date Night with Brian is releasing a new record soon, Denny has a new band called The Drolls and I will be arm twisting him to let me put a record out, and more than anything: Seattle is crawling with cool pop punk bands that really ought to be documented before the world goes emo again. So, I basically couldn’t not do it. Top Drawer LIVES AG” – Ean Sicko

Immediately available are ’90s vintage LPs, 7″s, and CDs straight from the Top Drawer vaults. Grab ’em here: www.tdrecs.com

Check out the never-before-seen photos below!

Sicko drummer Josh at the first recording session at Egg Studios with Kurt Block of Fastbacks Recording
Denny of Sicko standing majestically at the pier at the band’s last show
Sicko promo photo
Mosh pit in Nagoya, Japan on Sicko’s first Japanese tour
Sicko’s Rocket Magazine photo session during their second recording session

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