A Tribute Album to Alabama’s Finest Songwriter: “Dan Sartain Vs. The World (is gonna break your little heart)”

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A Tribute Album to Alabama’s Finest Songwriter:

“Dan Sartain Vs. The World (is gonna break your little heart)”

Featuring Jane Wiedlin, David Ford, Ben Blackwell, Misty Miller, Dead Rock West feat. DJ Bonebreak & more!

This is a release and total memory article for you to read and truly embrace. A musician, an artist, a head of his time left this planet too damn soon. His name is Dan Sartain. In his memory, Dan’s family and friends that loved him so much all came together to cover the songs he created and form a special trust fund for his daughter, Audrey. His genre bending style and open mind brought the world such amazing artistry and talent! His birthplace in the Deep South of Birmingham, Alabama, nurtured his swagger, depth and wildness which connected with so many. If only more writers could open their minds as he did for so many years, it could possibly change the music industry forever. This album of ‘Dan Sartain Vs. The World (is gonna break your little heart)’ on December 1st of 2023 which was released on Bandcamp. Such a great audio canvas embracing surf rock, punk, rockabilly, and every genre rolled into one!

The track list is this beautiful collection of collaborations with artists from all around the globe! As the doors open, your ears will be gifted with Dan’s newly released track of “Lovin’ Every Minute Of It”, written from his gritty true to the bone essence! Ahh, then the listener is going to be amazed by Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Jane Wiedlin comes into this pop punk exclusive engagement with lead vocals for the track “Now Now Now”.  In the next segment, Mrs. Magician hailing from San Diego, California embraces Dan’s anthem “The World Gonna Break Your Little Heart.”  Britain’s singer songwriter David Ford captures the raw and profound song of “Ruby Carol” with his own rhythm and gratitude. So many other songs on this album from his band mates fellow artists: Misty Miller, Dead Rock West feat. DJ Bonebreak, Plate Six, Goldettes, Ben Blackwell, Onelinedrawing all donated their time to share their love and respect for Dan Sartain and his family.
His vintage punk surf rock style will be remembered forever. This one’s for you Dan! The world loves you and thanks you for all treasures and insight! This is a celebration of an amazing music legacy that inspired so many!

Go check out this banger album released December 1st via Bandcamp!

Listen to ‘The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart’ by Mrs. Magician

Released Exclusively on Bandcamp December 1st

Click the button, press play and enjoy!

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