Abertooth Lincoln have released the stream of their new song “Hashtag Bash Hazard” (listen below). The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Selling the Urban Ideal, which is scheduled to be released on January 13th. You can purchase the EP here.

The band commented:

Simply put, “Hashtag Bash Hazard” is about bashing hazardous hashtags. It’s an observation of the incredible power that can we wielded by using these weird, still fairly young social media billboards. They can be created so easily, without any effort or foresight, and they can create a movement. Or they can oppose one.

There is a specific brand of hashtags that we are bashing, and they can be called insecurity tags. Drawing attention to inequality for women in the workplace, or the very stark differences between a woman and her male counterparts in the experience of just walking down a city street are examples of the power social media has to educate people and affect change. Hashtags such as #notallmen, are created as a defensive response to those important national conversations, and only serve to protect the insecurities of men that don’t believe they are part of the problem, but feel threatened by the conversation. We’ve heard it all before, with lines like, “I see pretty ladies on the street and I don’t cat call, so I don’t think that happens much” or “what’s wrong with telling a woman to smile?”

The biggest problem with these insecurity hashtags is that they can get just as loud as the conversation they oppose, and they are only serving the selfish purpose of protecting someone’s ego, while standing in the way of these conversations about women’s equality, or racial discrimination, or police brutality and the use of excessive force, etc.

The song encourages us all to listen to the conversation being had, and acknowledge the experiences of others rather than making everything about ourselves.

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