Ace Enders & Nik Bruzzese Celebrate New Recording Studio with Original Christmas Song

Ace Enders (The Early November) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) have teamed up to open a New Jersey recording studio named The Lumberyard.

To give people a taste of their collective talents as producers, engineers, mixers and songwriters, they co-wrote a Christmas tune called “Jacob Marley” and made an accompanying music video, which is premiering today on Alternative Press, along with a short conversation between Ace and Nik which details how they got into recording, producing and songwriting.

Nik tells AP, “I’ve gone from recording in my basement, to recording in a small shed to finally building a professional studio work environment in the span of about 15 years. A lot of my success came from recording a lot of the early Man Overboard stuff, which then led me to work with people like Will Yip, Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore and Jesse Cannon. I like to say I’ve learned from some of the best in the business.”

Ace adds, “Recording and touring for the last 15 years has really shaped who I am as a producer and co-writer. I feel like anytime I work with someone I can become a part of their band for the time they’re here. We care every step of the way… not to sound cheesy but music and songwriting has been so important to my life that it’s something I respect deeply. One of the biggest things we focus on here is the shaping of a song. To me it’s always the most important.. I’d much rather have a great song sound good than a good song sound great. because in the end it the song that connects with people not the quality of recording… but we’ll make it sound great also.”

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