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Acherontas is a Grecian five piece that combines a style of raw, yet well-structured and melodic black metal in the vein of 1349 with Egyptian/Middle-Eastern atmospheres in the vein of Karl Sanders or even Dead Can Dance. It’s an odd mix that works surprisingly well and sees the band rising to new heights in the black metal genre. Black metal fans will feel right at home with the machine-gun drum acrobatics and frostbitten riffs featured on tracks like “The Lamp Ov The Desert” and “Set Triumphant – Nubi” but they will also be pleased to know that unlike many other black metal acts who revel in repeating themselves, Acherontas instead revels in ritualistic atmospheres, chants and deep throated vocal croons in lieu of acts like Moonspell and Secrets Of The Moon. Of course, what really sets these guys apart from their peers are tracks like “Nebt-Het Divulgence Of Her Sacral Temples” and “Wines Of Blood And Pestilence” that elicit full on ritual fervor and can carry the listener into worlds beyond our present understanding. It is absolutely uncanny to hear these lengthy journeys mixed together with full on black metal, but as a whole it works and comes across much better than anything I’ve heard in recent memory. Acherontas unearths something primitive within my very being, an ancient sense of self that goes far beyond the corpse-painted pallor offered by the usual gamut of black metal acts. Amenti is an album that holds a great deal of promise within each of its nine tracks, every one of them readily able to invoke new senses, while still keeping the familiarity of the old. It is an album that retains the classic sense of black metal, yet adds further innovation that doesn’t feel forced. When I listen to this record, it feels like black metal in its most feral form mixed in with atmospheres that don’t feel plastic and schlocky. Acherontas’s latest effort Amenti is beyond the shadow of a doubt, true occult black metal. (Eric May)

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