Benjamin Tod’s A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find is out tomorrow via Anti-Corporate Music. Tod is founding vocalist/guitarist of iconic dark country outfit The Lost Dog Street Band, and he’s stoked to show you his second full-length solo album.

“This album was recorded with a 1956 guild F-20 and my fading vocal cords in the spring of 2019 with my good friend and business partner Dan Emery from Black Matter Mastering in Nashville,” he says. “This is the first album I have ever recorded completely sober dating back to my first when I was 14 years old. Every song on this album is for someone.

“Obviously, a couple are for my wife, Ashley. The rest go to some family, some friends, and some people I no longer speak with. I have written thousands of songs in my lifetime, and a good portion of them are either dedicated to someone, or I had someone heavy on my heart in the process. Some of these songs I wrote weeks before I recorded this album, and some of them I wrote a decade ago.

“I thought it was important to release an album unique to me and universal at the same time. We all have dialogues with people in our lives the way these songs unravel; yet these are my personal, imaginary conversations. It was very cathartic recording this album, and I hope it inspires you to say the things you’ve always wanted to say to the people you love. The truth will set you free.

“This album is dedicated to the living. This is all we have. Cherish it and sacrifice everything to become the person you wish to be. No matter who you blame, you are the only person you have to live with. Fight like hell for freedom.

“This album is unlike my other albums in that every song is dedicated to someone. This album follows some of my deepest friendships and rawest emotional wounds. I am excited to get rid of it. Once it is released, it’s no longer mine, and that is the best feeling you get as a songwriter.”

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  1. Prison or the pulpit — mighty fine poetry, picking and singing. How about the sound of Kentucky.

    America, Benjamin Tod gots something to say.

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