Betty Moon’s Little Miss Hollywood is out today via Evolver Music, Inc. You can stream it with us first. 


 “‘Little Miss Hollywood’ is my microscopic view on the LA/Hollywood scene through my pretty little, see-it-all lenses,” Betty Moon explains. “From a young age, I had Hollywood on my ‘to live’ target list and made it a reality. While the nightlife and mingling isn’t always viewed the same by everyone, I tell a story (especially in the title track) of the mystique and intrigue that being surrounded by parties, celebrities and rockstars creates.

“Instead of just saying ‘you’d have to have been there,’ I let my fans in on the unravelling and continuing true story on this album. I reflect on people’s revenge, brutal heartbreak, passion, sexuality, and tales of deceit and truth all throughout the album.” 

Stream the album here. 



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