Chicago based label Jetsam-Flotsam will be releasing the second full-length studio album, Haunts, from the D.C.-based post-metal outfit Bound on October 1.

Today, New Noise are very proud to present the full album stream of Haunts for your listening pleasure. It’s a moody and thoughtful sonic journey through the caverns and crypts of the mind, sure to satisfy fans of bands like Ulcerate, Circle, and Chicago’s own Huntsmen. 

Check out the full stream of Haunts below courtesy of Jetsam-Flotsam and Diehard Skeleton Records:

The DC-based band’s 2018 debut No Beyond was extremely well-received. The new album, by contrast, is more reflective on the permeable nature of memory and the elusive qualities of the passage of time, which vocalist and guitarist Bryan Buchanan described this way:

“The record is about place—emotionally significant places where formative events happened—and the pull that those places still exert over us. The music is designed to place the listener in each of those contexts. And the album is presented as a series of vignettes in an unbroken, circular composition. The lyrics come from deeply personal experiences in very specific places, mostly family-related, but are hopefully expressed in a way that doesn’t preclude others from seeing their own stories in them.

The lyrics call forward and call backward throughout the album. Importantly, the songs are also peppered with sounds made from actual objects from each actual place—either gathered and brought to the studio or recorded on-location. Some are obvious musical elements, some are sound effects, and some are just tucked away somewhere in the mix such that you’d have to know what you’re listening for—just so we know they’re there.”

Bound was able to wrangle together a camera crew during the making of Haunts, and the resulting documentary gives an inside look at the lives of the band members, the conception of the record, and the intimate conditions it was recorded under. You can watch the whole video below: 

You can preorder Haunts on vinyl here.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, there is also a soul-stirring and serene music video for the lead-off single and opening track “The Bellows” which you can peep below:

Preorder Haunts from Jetsam-Flotsam here.


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