Brandon Richie says he was “crushed, to say the least,” after his old band, The Robinsons, dissolved, but it only worked to fuel the makings of his new album, “the easiest piece I have ever written,” Baby Fuel.

Richie says the main themes of the album are backstabbing, self doubt, and picking himself back up. He says that the disappointment of his past project ending gave him the strength to come back and make the record himself. Though it was sometimes a rollercoaster emotionally to record the album, Richie says it allowed him to push himself creatively.

Richie chats more about the album, and the title song, “The song ‘Baby Fuel’ has a really weird sample in there that I thought fit perfectly. The song is about someone close to me who gassed me up and told me everything I wanted to hear, only to just leave me in the dust.”

He used a sample for the final track that he got from talking to a Jehovah’s witness on the phone. “He was telling me how he was the ‘god king’ and a bunch of other totally bonkers stuff. So I recorded it and jammed it in there—I might release the full sample, who knows.”

Though, most of all, Richie is eager for listeners to hear his solo work and this new direction his music is taking, “I really want people to hear this album, I’m very happy with it. I tried really hard to play around with my sound and do things that were outside my comfort zone in music.”

Listen to Baby Fuel in full below:

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