Album Premiere: Brimstone Coven – ‘The Woes of a Mortal Earth’

Brimstone Coven’s The Woes of a Mortal Earth, out August 21 via Ripple Music, summons forces from times past to create a rich and melodic blend of occult and classic rock reminiscent of Coven, Deep Purple, or Alice In Chains when things get slower and even more brooding. 


Carried by Corey Roth and Andrew D’Cagna’s compelling vocal duo, Brimstone Coven’s timeless and wholehearted, sonic witchcraft will hold any soul captive inside its magic circle. 
Hailing from eastern Ohio, the band was conceptualized by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Corey Roth in 2011, quickly joined by John Williams (vocals), Andrew D’Cagna (bass), and Justin Wood (drums).
A five-song​ EP was self-released in 2012, followed by a full length in 2013. The next year saw the band signing a two-album deal with veteran underground label Metal Blade Records.
The first two recordings were repackaged and released under Metal Blade as one album, followed by the album Black Magic in early 2016. 2017 proved to be a transitional year for Brimstone Coven. The band parted ways with Metal Blade as well as original vocalist John and drummer Justin.
Dave Trik joined soon after to take over drumming duties, and the band collectively decided to forge on as a trio. New songs were penned and the album What Was and What Shall Be was released independently in 2018. Fans responded very positively to the lineup change and new material. Three successful U.S. tours to promote the album soon followed, covering the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern states.

The rest of 2019 was spent honing a new batch of songs, and the band entered the studio in early 2020. The result would prove to Brimestone Coven’s darkest-sounding album to date, The Woes of a Mortal Earth. The new year also saw the trio signing a new deal with the venerable label Ripple Music. Despite the foreboding atmosphere of their new album, the future of Brimstone Coven has never looked so bright.
Corey Roth – Guitar & Vocals
Andrew D’Cagna – Bass & Vocals
Dave Trik – Drums

“We are pleased to present our new album to you all!” the band says. “There’s a lot of emotions in these songs and it felt good to exorcise the inner demons that fueled them. We hope you find the same feelings while absorbing this music and can’t wait to see you all on the road again very soon. Cheers!”
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