New Noise Magazine is back bringing the exclusive full stream to Sundance Sea by Mexico’s Car Crash Sisters/ The record opens with “Some Kind Of Regret” — a flush of dynamics, leading into a heavy drone of tones after bright guitars start their strum patterns. Throughout the record people will hear airy vocals flying overtop of the thick progressions, creating a contrast of hazy instrumentals and a floating presence of vocals. This style is akin to plenty of 90’s groups, finding different uses for orchestration that still tie in a rock/pop sound.

The sound of Sundance Sea can be a bit abrasive, with the tensions suffocating the atmosphere, forcing the vocals to cut through walls of distortion like on “Anyway.” It pulls the listener into the chaos with a familiar drone, finding ways to bring a soothing melody to the music with a constant, catchy pattern. The record is out on Blackjack Illuminist Records on March 16th, and the whole release can be streamed below.

“Ever since I was a kid, I have always liked dinosaurs and prehistoric stuff. ‘Sundance’ was a prehistoric sea and actually served as the first name of the band, because I wanted it to be related to paleontology – my first passion in life -, and as a reminder of my childhood, an era full of innocence and creativity, and that’s how I like to think of songwriting as something so pure, where you can create whatever you imagine.

We started writing new songs soon after we released our first EP, The Crystal Garden, and the idea was to letting things flow. No concept was conceived, we had no idea of how we wanted to sound or what we wanted to keep from our early sound, it was us trying to work together as a band.

We wrote 4-5 songs we wanted to record as a new EP, in fact, we recorded the drums, bass and guitars, but we weren’t entirely satisfied with that, so we wrote a few more songs and re-recorded the whole thing. Again, it felt that it wasn’t as good as Crystal Garden, so we kept writing new songs and added some old stuff that eventually turned the EP into an album, so we recorded it for the third time, and you know what they say… third time’s a charm.
John (bass) and I decided to record it ourselves, we’re no engineers or anything like that, so it is far from being a super professional recording. We’ve been playing together in different bands since the early years of the last decade and we knew that it was the only way to achieve the sound we wanted. It was a big challenge, since we don’t have a real studio: we recorded drums and bass in our rehearsing place, and guitars and vocals in my house, so I guess my neighbors hate me now, but we learned a lot during this process.”

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