New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the self-titled release from Charmer. The record lands on April 20th, but can be heard below a day before the release.

Charmer has a lo-fi edge to the overall soundscape, but is never far from bringing that sound to big territories. “Nurse Joy” is one big singalong by the outro, forming into a snapping conclusion to an incredibly dynamic track. The opening of the record, “Bummer Summer,” finds a steady, guitar heavy progression that leads to a biting outro. With lyrics that are introspective about the ever fleeting feelings in life, the group string together parts that feel incredible to belt out. This carves paths for the group’s fluid presence to attach to listeners with the intricate orchestration of their music. “Starship Tina” kicks and screams from the opening progression with a flurry of chords and winding leads. “Floral” has a steady build before crashing through the ceiling with its syncopated assault. Charmer is an incredible release for an up and coming group not scared of meshing their parts together to create an energetic and exciting release.

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According to No Sleep founder Chris Hansen, Charmer is “the definition of Midwestern emo.” Expect all the things you loved about The Promise Ring, Mineral and Texas is the Reason wrapped up in a nostalgia-inducing 22 minutes of twinkly guitars and heart-felt lyrics.

It’s no secret that emo is an often over-saturated genre which makes it difficult for bands to ever leave their hometown — but Charmer refuses to settle. After just 2 years, the band has already shared the stage with some of emo’s brightest stars including Pinegrove, Teen Suicide, and Dowsing. Charmer’s catchy guitar riffs and unique heart-bearing lyrics have set the band apart from an often overflowing genre. Charmer are hardly redundant, and rather celebrate our ’90s nostalgia in a new and exciting way.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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