Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Fernwah perform one-of-a-kind, experimental heavy metal with eclectic, progressive leanings. The band’s debut album, Approaching Oblivion, is out December 31 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Stream Approaching Oblivion in full below:

Approaching Oblivion is a progressive album that combines elements of black and death metal along with trippy, technical, psychedelic, stoner-friendly fuzz.

Fernwah—featuring Zakk Mild (Oxalate/Come Mierda) and Peter Martin (Black Kites/Bonjour/Holy Death)—are fueled by subconscious Jungian philosophies with a horror aesthetic, and these occult obsessed crushers are ready to take on the world with adventurous throttling riffs, staccato rhythms, swelling synths, and crackling-yet-slippery guitar work.

The track “Leaking Out” is pure, crushing death metal with a progressive twist, featuring the wretched guest vocals by Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg (courtesy of Century Media Records).

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