Fetish are stoked to premiere their forthcoming record, World Eater, out September 27 on Blackhouse Records.

As if it’s not enough that Fetish features legendary Poison Idea members Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford and Eric “Vegetable” Olsen, and later-era Poison Idea guitarist Brandon Bentley, it also includes three of the members of the Portland punk rock machine that is Long Knife, Colin Jarrell, Scott Goto, and Chris Reid.

Produced by Steve Hanford (Poison Idea, Final Warning), engineered by legendary producer Billy Anderson (High on Fire, Neurosis, Sick of it All, Melvins) himself, this is a debut album destined to set a very high standard out the gate in the band’s discography, sonically.

Preorder the album here. 


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