New Noise Magazine is taking a genre trip with Fir Cone Children by premiering their single “No Gravity Girls.” The song features vocals from Whimsical’s Krissy Vanderwoude. The song is a burst of shoegaze energy, combining the likes of blastbeats and other punk aesthetic into a hypnotize haze. “No Gravity Girls” is the title track from the band’s upcoming record. Fir Cone Children showcase the idea of smashing genre together, but still keeping a floating presence of shoegaze to continue utilizing lush melodies all at once. The Germany act is a thrill joy of music, and definitely present an interesting take on how shoegaze can be bent to include plenty of other influences.

“The basic idea of Fir Cone Children is writing 2-minute songs which keep the balance between Lo-Fi Punk, Shoegaze and Noise on the one side and a big love for pop songs, a clear song structure and catchy choruses on the other. With the new album No Gravity Girls the songs have become faster and wilder in terms of guitars and drums which often feel comfortable in a Blastbeat/Gaze scenario that offers a little more melancholic harmonies than on the previous albums. You might even argue that last year’s The Age of Blastbeatles EP had a title which probably would have fit even better to the new album. But maybe it was the gateway the project needed to sound what it sounds like today: the antithesis to laid back dreamy shoegaze. It’s sweaty and fast shoegaze which wants to overwhelm the listener with harmonies and a crashing sound. Just what a little kid has in mind when they suddenly see a drum kit and play it the loudest way possible while their friend just steps on one delay, reverb and echo pedal after another. If the youngest could organize bands and write songs they would find the simplest melodies, and these melodies would be everything they need for the moment and enough to lead a happy life. I’d like to see the songs as alternative children’s music.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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