Pacific Northwest doom folk collective Geist & The Sacred Ensemble will release their Waning Hymns full-length via Scry Recordings July 31, 2020.

GEIST & THE SACRED ENSEMBLE – Waning Hymns Track By Track Breakdown By M. Sauder

 Advaita: “With Eastern drones and dark, Americana tones, an environment for questioning is created. How can we transcend duality and rise above the opposition? What influence does the media we consume and the company we keep have on us? How does it look when we question the status quo?  With no source to trust, we get tricked and submit our lives to a fabricated future …”

Volition: “Using long musical passages and drawn out changes, this song is a deliberate challenge to our current culture’s dwindling attention spans. There is so much information being thrown at us every day, we are slowly losing our sense of self and our ability for critical thinking.”

Closed Eye: “This piece appears in a short film by Vivian Hua for the Seventh Art Stand film series which I scored. The series seeks to expose and end bigotry, specifically Islamaphobia. We hope its meditative pace will lead the listener to turn inward for a moment of introspection.”

Century of the Self: “This wasinspired by a film series on  how those in power have used Freud’s theories to try and control the masses by Adam Curtis titled The Century of the Self. ‘What if our world has been built on false voices and dreams – so we’d be reduced to wandering, consuming, happiness machines?’

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