Get Tuff is singer and producer RB Roe. You may know them from emo upstarts The Weak Days, Jetty Bones, and Save Face, but you should put all of those bands out of your head right now.

Get Tuff is significantly more Grimes than Get Up Kids, and frankly, every track on their new album is begging to soundtrack your next TikTok dance. Or maybe you’re more of a lazy afternoon in pyjamas eating pop-tarts off your chest while re-watching Naruto, which if you’re watching the sub (which you should), you could probably, technically, listen to their songs while you binge and veg.

And if you’re both, good on ya!

RB’s new album In Sickness & In Hell drops on January 15, 2021, but you can stream the whole thing a day early below:

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