Known for their fuzzy, psychedelic take on classic rock, Glitter Wizard are set to once again grace us with a new album, Opera Villains, out April 19 via Heavy Psych Sounds, and we are beyond excited to be the first to share it with you.

“In a psychedelic haze, you stumble into a candle-lit opera house and join a crowd of heshers nodding in unison to powerful riffs, swirling harmonies and synth leads that cut like a four-inch stiletto knife,” the band say about the new record. “Smoke fills your nostrils and the sound of metallic space rock hangs in the air. With Opera Villains, we have pulled aside the velvet curtains to create a sound that takes old-school rock ‘n’ roll, twisting it into a new brand of California freak-rock that appeals to longhairs with a flair for the dramatic.”

Preorder the record here. 


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